Yes, we are having church today, February 22.  The city crews have been at work all weekend. Plenty of parking downtown..

Church Council meeting scheduled for today, February 17, is rescheduled for February 24.

Church supper  on February 21 is postponed until Saturday, March 7, at 5:30pm.

        Annual Congregational meeting is rescheduled for Sunday, March 1,                            after church.

The study series on C.S. Lewis is postponed until April.  First session Monday, April 6, at 7:00pm.



Trinity - Clifton




Annual Report



Bunbury's only church still stands as Clifton United Church on Clifton Road, Stratford. In 1848, the church was built as a Wesleyan Chapel on land given by Capt. James Kelly for the sum of five shillings. The land surrounding the church was already in use as a burying ground. The deeds are dated September 28, and October 19, 1848, and the church was dedicated in the spring of 1849.

A shed was built across the road from the church to shelter horses and wagons or sleighs. Unlike today, service in the tiny church was held year-round. Although the church was heated by a stove, it was still a very cold place in winter. One long time churchgoer recalled freezing her feet while sitting in church. The ordeal left her unable to attend school the next day.

After Church Union in 1925, Clifton Church became part of the Pownal United Church pastoral charge. On June 5, 1949, special services were held at Clifton United Church, marking the 100th

Anniversary of the erection and dedication of the church building. In 1962 it was added to Trinity United Church, Charlottetown, as a preaching place.

In 1994, Clifton Church was recognized as a heritage building by the P.E.I. Museum and Heritage Foundation. A dedication ceremony was held on October 15, 1994, the closest Sunday to the 146th Anniversary of the date of the original deed of purchase. The heritage plaque was presented by the Bunbury Community Council to the descendants of the original church members. In attendance were direct descendants of all the signatories of the 1848 deed.

This historic church is one of the oldest church buildings now used by the United Church on P.E.I. Services are held every Sunday from early June until Thanksgiving in October.


In 1862 the trustees of the First Methodist Church purchased land on the corner of Prince and Sydney Streets for a new church. In May, 1863 the cornerstone of the new church was laid.

During the summer of 1863 the masons worked many long hours to finish the brick walls, and by late October the work of raising the rafters began. At the time, few buildings in Canada could boast an unsupported dome roof with a 69 foot span. The building is 115 feet long, 69 feet wide and 42 feet high to the eave. Two octagonal towers on the west wall are separated by a beautiful Gothic window 32 feet high and 15 feet wide. The interior of the church is of Gothic architecture, unobstructed by columns. There were 150 pews on the main floor, seating 900 people, and 78 pews in the balcony seating 650. The actual cost of the new building was $30,825, including $843.56 for the cost of the land. The debt at the time of opening was $9,491. The new church was dedicated and officially opened on November 13, 1864.

The church basement provided 36 Sunday School classrooms with an enrolment in 1865 of some 708 pupils and teachers. Classes were held there until Heartz Memorial Hall was built in 1911. A new Christian Education Centre was opened in 1965. Unfortunately, Heartz Memorial Hall was destroyed by fire in October, 1969.

In 1955 a new organ, built and installed by Casavant Freres, was dedicated to commemorate those who died, and those who served, in World War II and the Korean Conflict. The organ is a three manual and pedal instrument with 48 stops and weighs approximately 20 tons.

Our roots go back to 1778, when Benjamin Chappell invited friends into his home to support and follow the Methodist persuasion. In 1925, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregational Churches united to form The United Church of Canada. Today, Trinity-Clifton Pastoral Charge enjoys the benefit of this rich spiritual legacy.

The motto of Trinity United Church is "Have Faith in God." It is with increasing faith that we go forward into the future.

2014 Annual Report

Table of Contents:

Staff and Council Members ......................................................... pg. 4

Agenda ..................................................................................... pg. 5

Minutes of the Annual Congregational Meeting 2013.....................pg. 6-12

Annual Ministers Message:

Rev. Dr. John Moses................................................................ pg.13

Rev. Greg Davis……………......................................................... pg.14

Council Committee Reports:

Co-Chair’s Report .......................................................................pg.15

Finance Committee ....................................................................pg. 15-16

Treasurer's Report ...........................................................pg.16

Analysis of Contributions 2014...........................................pg.16


Auditor's Reports: ........................................................... Appendix ‘A’

Budget ........................................................................... pg.18-20

Christian Development Committee............................................... pg.21-22

Library Report……………………………………………………………..pg.22

Outreach and Service Committee................................................. pg.22-23

Thank You from Prince St. School....................................pg.23-29

Pastoral Care Committee............................................................. pg.29-30

Roll and Audit................................................................. pg.30

Property Committee.................................................................... pg.31-32

Manse Committee......................................................................pg.32

Worship Committee.................................................................... pg.32

Chancel Choir.................................................................. pg.32-33

Rena Wood Johnstone's Handbells ................................... pg.33

Stewardship Committee…………………………………………………………..pg.33

Other Reports:

Board of Trustees-Trinity............................................................ pg.33

Board of Trustees-Clifton............................................................ pg.33


Brace Block................................................................................ pg.34-35

Bequests .................................................................................. pg.35-36

Clifton United Church................................................................. pg.37-38

Trinity Christmas Fair.................................................................. pg.38-39

Memorials Committee ............................................................... pg.39

Ministry and Personnel Committee............................................... pg.39

P.E.I. Presbytery Report .............................................................pg.40

Trinity Lobster Supper……………………………………….…………………….pg.40

Trinity-Clifton Men’s Report......................................................... pg.40-41

United Church Women ............................................................... pg.42-43

Archives/History Committee………………………………………………………pg.44

The Team 2014 Report…………………………………………………..………..pg.44-45

Ministers of Trinity-Clifton Pastoral Charge………………………………….pg.46


Minister of Worship, Administration, & Pastoral Care - Rev. Dr. John Moses

Minister of Christian Development, Community Building, & Pastoral Care - Rev. Greg Davis

Organist & Music Director - Donald Fraser

Office Administrator – Ellen Locke Doiron

Caretakers - Lorraine Worth & Philip Whittaker

Council Members for 2014

Phillip Floyd Co-Chair

Jane Brewster Co-Chair

Susan Willis Past Chair

Carrie St. Jean Secretary

Timothy Cook Treasurer

Gail MacNutt Property Chair

Linda Mayne Christian Development Chair

Errol Andrews Pastoral Care Co-Chair

Lynda Taylor Pastoral Care Co-Chair

Barb Stewart Worship Chair

Gordon Matheson Finance Co-Chair

Harry Kielly Outreach & Service Chair

Barb Stewart Trinity Representative

Laurie Kelly Clifton Representative

Ken MacDonald Memorials Chair

Linda Dunning Trustees Representative

Heather Cameron Presbytery Representative

William Ives Presbytery Representative

June Ives Presbytery Representative

Susan Willis Ministry & Personnel Co-Chair

Mary Ann Burke Matheson Ministry & Personnel Co-Chair

Isabel Scott UCW President

Rev. John Moses Minister

Rev. Greg Davis Minister

Ellen Locke Doiron Office Administrator

Kinsey Smith Trinity Men

Miriam Lank Manse Committee

Gail Hopkirk Stewardship Committee


Annual Congregational Meeting

Sunday, February 22, 2015 - 1:00 pm


Opening Prayer

1) In Memoriam, Baptisms, Marriages

2) Election of Presiding Officers: Chair & Secretary

3) Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes of last Annual Meeting

4) Business Arising from the Minutes

5) Correspondence

6) Order of Ministry:

- Rev. Dr. John Moses

- Rev. Greg Davis

7) Presentation of Reports by Council Committees

a) Church Council Chairperson

b) Finance and Administration:

- Treasurer's Report

- Financial Statements

- Budget

c) Christian Development

d) Outreach and Service

e) Pastoral Care

-Roll and Audit

f) Property

g) Worship

h) Stewardship

8) Other Reports

a) Board of Trustees

b) Clifton United Church

c) Memorials Committee

d) Trinity Men

e) United Church Women

f) Ministry and Personnel

g) Presbytery

h) Archives and History

9) New Business

- Approval of signing officers

- Appointment of a firm for audit/review

- Nominating Committee

- Affirming Congregation

- By-law Changes

- Co-operative meetings between Trinity, Spring Park and Royal Park United Churches

- Property matters

10) Ministers' Comments

11) Motion to Adjourn

12) Benediction


Trinity/Clifton Pastoral Charge

Annual Congregational Meeting

Sunday, February 23, 2014

1. Time, Place and Authority

The Annual Congregational Meeting was convened in the gymnasium on Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 12:15 pm.

2. Attendance

Vivian MacKinnon Phil Whittaker Harry Love

Anne Love David White Gwyneth Jones

Don Wonnacott Florence Wonnacott Kent Shaw

Bev Bishop Bill Bishop Shirley I. MacDonald

Gail Hopkirk George Neale Paulette Neale

Ian MacLean Wilma MacLean Clara MacLeod

Mark Richardson Roger MacArthur Margaret MacArthur

Heather Séguin Joy Ikede Myrna Kielly

John Enman Linda Mayne Enid Carter

Barbara Murray Louise Bell Patsy V. Mills

Janet Stewart Jeanette Scott Don Scott

Janet Hume Kay Boylan Doug Boylan

Kinsey Smith Joan Smith Marven MacDonald

Bill Ives June Ives Will Gibbon

Eileen Howatt Diane Gibbon Elaine MacDonald

Alison Gordon Martha Deacon Roger Gordon

Gerry Burgoyne Kathy Birt Dianne Burgoyne

Barbara Stewart Judy Irwin Bill Irwin

Colleen Pidgeon Heather Cameron Ewen Stewart

Greg Davis May Smiley Roma Downe-MacQuarrie

Bernice Bell Claude Bell Mary Ann Burke-Matheson

Isabel Bowman Barb Dalziel Phil Floyd

Debby Floyd Isabel Scott Carrie St. Jean

Ken MacDonald Tim Cook Gordon Matheson

Susan Willis

3. Welcome, Call to Order and Devotions

Rev. John called the meeting to order and Rev. Greg opened with a word of welcome and prayer.

4. In Memoriam

Rev. John read the names of members of the congregation who passed away in 2013 and noted baptisms, marriages and memberships as outlined on page 23 of the Annual Report.

5. Election of Presiding Officers: Chair and Secretary

Moved by Mary Ann Burke-Matheson and seconded by Ken MacDonald that Phil Floyd be appointed Chairperson and Carrie St. Jean be appointed Secretary. Motion carried.

6. Approval of Agenda-

Moved by Debbie Floyd and seconded by Gordon Matheson that the agenda be approved with the following addition under 9. New Business: Fundscrip. Motion carried.

7. Approval of Minutes of Annual Meeting- February 23, 2013

Moved by Bill Bishop and seconded by Marven MacDonald. Motion carried.

8. Business Arising from the 2013 Minutes-



9. Correspondence-


10. Order of Ministry

- report can be found on page 13. Rev. John stressed the church is striving to be the presence of Christ in the community. We continue to be faithful and find ways to be thankful in changing circumstances. He thanked Rev. Greg, Don Fraser, Ellen Locke Doiron, Philip Whittaker and Lorraine Worth for their counsel and support. Rev. John also thanked Phil Floyd and Jane Brewster for their efforts as co-chairs of the church council and the many volunteers who make Trinity/Clifton what it is.

Rev. Greg- report can be found on page 14. Rev. Greg commented that diverse activity is taking place in the church; Trinity is open, supportive and present to the community. He thanked the Sunday school volunteers, folks who help Prince Street School breakfast program, and Salvation Army monthly breakfast volunteers. Thanks extended also to those who support the church financially. It is an honor and privilege to journey with the congregation.

11. Presentation of Reports by Council Committees-

a) Church Council Co- Chairs: Jane Brewster and Phil Floyd. Jane thanked Phil for sharing the co-chairing role in 2013. She stated she was encouraged to see new faces at Trinity. Phil thanked Rev. John, Rev. Greg, Ellen Locke Doiron, Susan Willis and Ken MacDonald for their encouragement and help.

b) Finance and Administration:

Treasurer’s Report: Tim Cook. We are in a surplus position for 2013. See report. Tim moved that 2013 financial statement be approved, seconded by Ken MacDonald.

Budget: Gordon Matheson reported that we have a balanced budget. See report page 17. Gordon made 3 clerical corrections to the line budget and moved adoption of the 2014 budget, seconded by Susan Willis.

c) Christian Development: Linda Mayne thanked Gail Hopkirk, Greg Davis, Ellen Locke Doiron and all Sunday school teachers for their ongoing support. See report.

d) Outreach & Service: Heather Seguin reported for Harry Kielly. See report. Would like to see more young children involved in church. Refugee family still stalled. Entertaining Trinity becoming an affirming congregation; would like to involve Christian Development in this quest; looking at possibility of guest speaker to discuss what an affirming congregation would look like. Moved by Heather Seguin that report be adopted, seconded by Mary Ann Burke-Matheson.

e) Pastoral Care: Mary Ann Burke-Matheson. See report. Thanked committee members for their service, highlighted the Homecoming service as a success and reported that a new church directory lists 800+ families who call Trinity their church home. Mary Ann Burke-Matheson moved adoption of the report, seconded by Shirley MacDonald.

f) Property: see report.

g) Worship: See report page 24. Barb Stewart extended thanks for the wonderful worship services at Trinity; both messages and music are appreciated. Thanked John and Greg for their leadership. Adoption of report moved by Barb Stewart and seconded by Marvin MacDonald.

h) Stewardship: see report. Gail Hopkirk referred to the booklet Saints Alive; a narrative budget that details the work of the committee. The narrative budget will be featured on the Trinity website. Moved by Gail that the report be adopted, seconded by Kinsey Smith. We were referred to page 19 of the Annual report to view the Mission and Service objective for 2014. It was moved by Gail Hopkirk and seconded by Ian MacLean that $52,000.00 be allotted for Mission and Service budget. Motion carried.

12. Other reports:

a) Board of Trustees: see report

b) Clifton United Church: see report.

c) Memorial Committee: see report.

d) Trinity Men: see report

e) United Church Women: see report


f) Ministry &Personnel: see report

g) Presbytery: see report

h) Archives & History: see report

A motion to adopt all reports as presented was moved by Patsy Mills, seconded by Joy Ikede. Carried.

13. New Business

Approval of signing officers: Bob MacNutt is coming off signing officers. It was moved by Gordon Matheson and seconded by Ken MacDonald that the following people be approved as signing officers for 2014: Phil Floyd, Carrie St. Jean, Jane Brewster, Tim Cook and Gordon Matheson.

The point was raised that the treasurer and finance chair cannot both sign together. A motion to clarify signing officers for the bank’s understanding was moved by Gordon Matheson and seconded by Tim Cook. Motion carried.

Appointment of a firm for audit: Gordon Matheson explained that he is putting out for tender for auditing the accounts of the church.

Nominating Committee: Susan Willis presented the 2014 report. (see handout). She noted that there is no one on the Communications committee and that 1 or 2 people are needed for the Christmas Fair Committee. Susan stressed that these committees need consideration. She asked for further nominations from the floor, but none were forthcoming at this time. It was noted that Evelyn Jenkins name needs to added to the Outreach & Service committee. It was moved by Susan Willis and seconded by Mary Ann Burke-Matheson that the 2014 nomination committee reports be accepted. Motion carried.

By-Law Changes: (See 2014 by-law amendments handout) Ken MacDonald spoke to the benefits of a three year term for committees; it allows new blood/life to enrich committee work. Moved by Ken MacDonald and seconded by Barb Stewart that the 2014 by-law amendments be approved. Motion carried.

Fundscrip: Ken Mac Donald spoke about Fundscrip as a way to raise money for the church. He asked for a show of hands to gauge interest in such an approach. There was favorable interest. The issue will be left with Church council to make a decision.

At 1:15 pm a motion to adjourn was moved by Roger MacArthur, seconded by Gerry Burgoyne.

Recorded by Carrie St. Jean


Nominating Committee Report 2014


Council Chairs: Jane Brewster and Phil Floyd

Council Secretary: Carrie St. Jean

Treasurer: Tim Cook


Trinity: Barb Stewart

Clifton: Laurie Kelly

Trinity Men: Kinsey Smith

United Church Women: Isabel Scott


Heather Cameron

Bill and June Ives




Memorials: Ken MacDonald

Clara MacLeod

Tim Cook, treasurer

Ministry & Personnel: Mary Ann Burke Matheson and Susan Willis

Kerri Lynn Seward-Carpenter

Graham Linkletter

Valerie Downe

Bob Ramsay

Joan Smith

Finance: Gordon Matheson

Tim Cook, Treasurer

Blair MacLauchlan

Keith Merry

Alan Miller

Elaine Godkin

Patsy Mills

Christian Development: Linda Mayne

Sunday School Coordinator: Ellen Locke Doiron

Barbara Prowse

Jessica Foster

Beth Grant

Alma Mutch

Kim Cox

Nancy Goodwin

Anne Love

Gail White

Pastoral Care: Lynda Taylor and Errol Andrews

David & Iris Rogers

Gayle Mills

Audrey Livingstone

Claude Bell

Anne Love

Shirley MacDonald

Judy Irwin

Clara MacLeod

Isabel Bowman

Rufus Reid

Muriel Bennett

Ireta and Norman Thompson

Joan Wood


Property: Gail MacNutt

Roger MacArthur

Allan Forbes

Don Wonnacott

Alan Brady

Austin Bowman

George Neale

John Enman

David Essery

Fred Burke

Florian Bryan

Randy MacEwen

Don Cudmore

Eunice Wonnacott

Robert MacNutt

Ken MacDonald

Manse:Miriam Lank

Jane Moses

Linda Dunning (Trustee Representative)

Diana Carruthers

Ireta Thompson (UCW Representative)

Gordon Matheson (Finance Representative)

Worship: Barb Stewart

Harry Love

Sandra Richardson

Joy Ikede

Virginia McGowan (Chancel Choir)

Marven MacDonald

Roma Downe MacQuarrie

Emily Bryant

Barb Murray

Outreach and Service: Harry Kielly

Don Scott

Dr. Bernice Bell

Wilma MacLean

Heather Cameron

Vicki Allen-Cook

Monica Macdonald

Sylvia Gunn

Heather Séguin

Mark Richardson

Roger and Alison Gordon

Basil Ikede

Evelyn Jenkins


Stewardship: Gail Hopkirk

Rev. John Moses

Rev. Ian MacLean

Alan Edwards

Bev Bishop

Jean Peterson

Heather Diamond

David Younker

Nominating: Susan Willis

Elaine MacDonald

Barb Stewart

George Neale

Bob MacNutt

Communications: 1 or 2 members- to be appointed by council


Order of Ministry: Rev. Dr. John Moses

Secretary: Linda Dunning

Treasurer: William Bishop

Phil Floyd

Gordon Matheson

Tom Macdonald

Blair MacLauchlan

Miriam Lank

Errol Andrews

Bob MacNutt

Bill Irwin

Norman Carruthers

Dr. Don Stewart

Council Representatives for Investment Committee: Bob MacNutt

Phil Floyd


Order of Ministry: Rev. Dr. John Moses

Heather Diamond Maurice Wood

Herb Mason Doug Kelly

* Note: The ministers are ex-offico members of all committees except for: a) Ministry and Personnel Committee, and b) Nominating Committee.


Ushers: Marven MacDonald

History and Archives: Rev. Sandrabelle MacEwen

Doug Kelly

Diane Gibbon

Harry Kielly

Charlottetown Christian Council: Rev. Greg Davis

Rev. Dr. John Moses

Basil Ikede

Eunice Wonnacott


Media: Curtis Duckworth and Kevin Ross

Doug Phillips

Vans Bryant

Callista Tan

Kinsey Smith

Murray Cook

Richard Forsyth

Ben Sinnamon

Graeme Smith

David Johnston - alternate

Logan Duckworth – alternate

Randy Doiron - alternate

Library: Joan Smith

Don Scott

Jeanette Scott

Mona Kitchener

Will Gibbon

Christmas Gifts Project: Sandra and Mark Richardson

Don Wonnacott

Basil Ikede

Isabel Scott

Gail Duckworth

Doug Deacon

Gerry and Dianne Burgoyne

Christmas Fair: Linda Dunning and Monica MacDonald

1 or 2 members- to be appointed by council

Brace Block: Harry Love

Charlotte & Stamper Residences: Alan Brady

Cundall Home: William Ives

Family Services PEI: Rev. Greg Davis

Old Protestant Burying Grounds: Mark Richardson


Rev. Dr. John Moses

If you were to ask me what I consider the highlight of the year 2014, I would have to say it was the arrival of Miryam, Suad and Faduma from Ethiopia to be reunited with Nazro, Amal and Mohammed, already here in Canada. This was something for which we had been waiting for nearly four years and for which the family had been waiting for eight years. With the help of the Outreach Committee, especially Harry Kielly, and the financial support of the congregation, the family is finding its way here in Charlottetown. Thanks to you, they now have the possibility of building a life in a place of safety and freedom. Refugee sponsorship saves lives—both from the violent death which is often threatened, and from long, empty years in camps. You have saved lives.

In spite of many challenges, the Trinity-Clifton Pastoral Charge continues strong in the United Church tradition of being engaged with the local community and the world. I often hear people, not necessarily those who come to worship, speak of the open, positive spirit that they find here. While it is always encouraging for the staff to hear such things, I wish more of you could hear it and know it as well.

On November 23rd, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Trinity building with the Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey as our guest preacher. This was one of the many celebratory events organized by the 2014 Committee, ably chaired by Sandrabelle MacEwen and Judy Irwin. Each of the events was well-attended and well-received. Many thanks to Sandrabelle and Judy and their hard-working committee.

Looking ahead to the year 2015, we will have to make some decisions about replacing the church roof and how that is to be financed. There are other property matters that need attention as well.

Although the records will show that we finished 2014 with a healthy surplus, this was mainly due to an unanticipated return on investments and heroic fundraising efforts, rather than an increase in contributions from the congregation. While I am thankful that we have made it through another year without a serious financial crisis, I do think it is time for the Trinity-Clifton Pastoral Charge to assess its needs with regard to ministry personnel and to reflect on future directions. To that end, I have asked the Prince Edward Island Presbytery for a change of pastoral relations, effective June 30, 2016. If it is acted upon promptly, this should allow ample time for the work of needs assessment to be carried out with a view not only to “what kind of minister do we want?” but also to “what are we as a congregation called to be and do?”

Thanks to all who have made the work of 2014 possible. God bless you, every one.

(Rev.) John Moses


Rev. Greg Davis


Everyone had arrived! Amid the hush, and disapproving glances, I slipped into my seat and blended with the atmosphere of anticipation. The curtains opened and the orchestra began to play. The still air welcomed the waves of melody, as the whole space that was void of sound became a rich bubbling spring, my ears drank in every drop of music. Each instrument in the orchestra could be heard; distinct sounds blending beautifully. The music was polished, meaningfully and purposefully played.

I arrived early. People were restless; children were moving about, adults chatting. The atmosphere was relaxed. With the crackle of a mic. a quiet voice called our attention to the beginning of the children’s concert. This was their first performance! Some children waved at their family members. Big smiles abounded. There were squawks, some wrong notes, the tune was vaguely familiar. After the music was performed, the children received a standing ovation.

Two very different settings but with a common theme: music. Not every musician who plays an instrument plays to perfection, but all play because there is a deep love of sharing. As I thought about these two scenes, our church community came to mind. None of us can do “everything” at the same skill level. However, with a great desire to share our faith and grow, we blend our lives and do our best. There is room for the wee little child and the elderly adult and everyone in between to be the people God calls us to be. Our church community would be really boring if we did all the same things perfectly! The writer of Romans gives us these words, “so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another. We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us: prophecy, in proportion to faith; ministry, in ministering; the teacher, in teaching; the exhorter, in exhortation; the giver, in generosity; the leader, in diligence; the compassionate, in cheerfulness. Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good; 10  love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honour.”

We are fortunate to have the gift of each other, and a faith that is willing to find expression in good works. The Trinity - Clifton congregation deserves a standing ovation! May God’s blessings continue to be upon your ministry.


Greg Davis


Co-Chairs of Council

First, there has to be a special thank you to Sandrabelle McEwen and the Trinity - Clifton 150th Anniversary Celebration Planning Committee for all their hard work and special events held throughout 2014. These events provided many ways in which the congregation were able to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Trinity.

We would also like to thank the congregation for their continued support of Trinity with all their talents, and especially with the way the deficit, which was large during the year due to many expenses being higher than last year due to the many snow storms, was able to be greatly minimized if not fully covered.

As we enter into the New Year 2015, the expenses related to the damage to the church from the snow storms are still a major challenge that will need lots of prayer and dedication to be able to allow Trinity to keep moving forward.

During the year there has been a co-operative committee organized between Trinity, Spring Park and Park Royal churches to see how the 3 congregations would work together to reduce expenses and share ideas that could help all 3 churches. There have been some meetings of the committee itself, as well as chairs of different committees in each church having met to see what joint endeavours could be undertaken. Hopefully we will see the results of these meetings during the upcoming year.

Again we thank the congregation for all their support to make Trinity - Clifton a great place to worship, and its great work in the community.

Trinity Council Co-Chairs,

Jane Brewster

Philip Floyd

Finance Committee

From a Finance committee perspective, the year ended 2014 is a good news - bad news situation.

By tradition we will first present the good news. For the year ended 2014, Council ended up with a surplus of approximately $26,000. The bad news is that we did not meet our budgeted offerings and, due to unforeseen events our expenses were in excess of budgeted amounts.

A brief overview of the financial situation at year end:









Other Revenue












In preparing the 2014 budget, in consultation with the Treasurer, we understood that the offerings budget was ambitious and we appreciate those who were able to increase their contributions in 2014 in an effort to achieve the budget target. We also thank all who responded to the "defeat the deficit envelope" campaign spearheaded by Reverend John.

We are most appreciative of the many volunteers who continue to make the Christmas Fair and Gala Dinner successful fundraisers each year.

A tip of the hat and big “thank you” go out to the Trinity Men who were able to increase their contribution by $5,100 over budget.

There was a significant increase in the revenue received from Trustees with respect to the 2014 year. The cause of this large increase related to capital gains realized on the share portfolio maintained by the Trustees. This should be viewed in the nature of a one-time income inclusion as, unfortunately there is


no guarantee that the stock market will always perform so favourably.

Once again all committee chairs performed in an admirable manner in attempting to contain costs and operate within the approved budget.

Thank you to Ellen Locke Doiron, Reverend John, Tim Cook, Treasurer, and the members of the Finance Committee for all your efforts in monitoring the financial affairs of Church Council.

Best Regards,

Gordon Matheson


Treasurer’s Report

With the auditor making the final adjustments to Trinity’s year-end Financial Statements, it appears that the Church was successful in exceeding its break-even budget and netting a surplus to the unrestricted fund balances.

Every year brings a new set of challenges and realities, in terms of budgeting, that the congregation, staff, clergy, committees and council continuously rise to meet. Many expenses are variable and are impacted by factors that are completely out of control of the Church and its members. However, Trinity has consistently weathered these variables and has managed to consistently provide a high level of commitment and service to its members.

Campaigns such as “Beat the Deficit” have been crucial to contribution revenue and the resulting surplus this year. Other revenue continues to have a significant impact on the Church’s bottom line.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making 2014 a very successful year.

Best regards,

Tim Cook

Analysis of Contributions 2014

2014 2013

# of Givers # of Givers Range

60 71 0-$250

46 59 $251-$500

46 37 $501-$750

20 25 $751-$1000

23 22 $1001-$1250

29 21 $1251-$1500

14 26 $1501-$2000

12 14 $2001-$2500

15 9 $2501-$3000

16 17 $3001-$4000

9 5 $4001-$5000

5 3 $5001-$6000

3 1 $6001-$8000

2 0 $8001-



Fundscrip is a program providing gift cards from various retailers. The church receives a percentage of the purchase price of the cards from the retailer. There is no cost to the purchaser. The program was started in the middle of August and by the end of December the church had made $ 1,085.00.

Gift cards may be purchased during the week at the church office and on Sundays one-half hour before church and one-half hour after. For details, contact the church office or Ken MacDonald at 902-892-2224.



Consolidated Financial Statements of

Trinity United Church

Year ended December 31, 2014

(Unaudited)Christian Development

Sunday School continues to be a primary focus for the Christian Development Committee. Committee members are blessed to have capable staff to carry out this work. In June, Ellen Locke Doiron ended her time as Sunday School Superintendent and is greatly missed. Reverend Greg Davis took up the challenge in the absence of a superintendent and spearheaded numerous improvements to the Sunday School space. These include decluttering the Sunday School Office, creating a new children’s library space that has also focused on age-appropriate books reflective of the United Church theology, Wi-Fi in the movie room, and various other progressive steps.

June saw the closure of the 2013-2014 Sunday School with an old fashioned picnic at Victoria Park. The registration for the 2014-2015 Sunday School is 64 children. Regular training sessions for the 14 volunteers were conducted to ensure quality throughout the Sunday School.

The Godly Play program in the Sunday School now has five accredited storytellers working with children from ages 3-4 to junior high youth. The Trinity Storytellers meet once every five weeks before each rotation, to practice storytelling, to discuss the theology of the Biblical story to be told and to discuss ways of enhancing the program for the children. The five Trinity Storytellers also meet once a month with an Island- wide Godly Play Guild with ten members. The Guild storytellers take turns in telling and in hearing stories, thus providing the opportunity for storytellers to share best practices, hone their skills, and to feed their spirits. Trinity partnered with other Guild members to bring Godly Play to Camp Abby each week, sharing the creation story, reflective time, and prayers.

Youth are challenged to grow in faith through various programs.

  • Youth have taken an active role at the beginning of various worship services by reading scripture and prayers, sharing their musical talents with the congregation, and serving at communion.

  • The 2014 Celebration Committee funded a Godly Play for youth, and the artwork produced was displayed in the Sanctuary.

  • The Reverend Greg Davis led a youth group in partnership with Park Royal United Church until June. This gives youth an opportunity to explore spirituality in the context of their world. The variety of activities included yoga, meditation, visiting a seniors home, sledding, games night, a sleepover at the church, and activities in the gym. Park Royal has not participated since June, and we now have Ellen LockeDoiron and Joyce MacPhee assisting Greg to continue these types of activities for Trinity Youth.

  • A new Beaver group was started in September. The original Scouts Charter for Trinity United Church remains intact. A partnership has been formed with Trinity United, Scouts Canada and the Newcomers Association, ably led by a three person board of the Reverend Greg Davis, Bill Irwin and Bill Ives. Ten children are currently enrolled in the program.

Adult Christian development was well supported through several activities.

  • The Reverend John Moses led Bible studies with adults at Trinity United and Andrews of Stratford.

  • The Reverends Greg Davis and Gail Hopkirk offered a four-week Advent Spirituality Group.

  • PoPs,” (Parents of Preschoolers) was a popular program under the capable leadership of the Reverend Gail Hopkirk. It now goes by the title of WoW (Women of Wisdom). The group is still composed of mothers who wish to have spiritual support for raising their children and for supporting their relationships and their personal growth. After eight years of study and reflection on Scripture and of meditation and other prayer forms, WoW is an apt title for this group of women.

  • The Reverend Gail Hopkirk offers guidance to Spiritual Friends, which is a group of professional women who work full time. This group has been meeting for two years.  They also reflect on Scripture and practice meditation so that they might be wise and compassionate in their careers and in their private lives.


Intergenerational events are focused on sharing fellowship across the generations and communities.

  • The Christian Development Committee hosted a recognition breakfast for graduates of Grade 12, with an open invitation for those graduating from the various universities to share in the recognition. The Committee also invited the volunteers that support its work, to the breakfast to recognize their valuable contributions.

  • In June, the Reverends Greg Davis and John Moses, in conjunction with Team 2014, coordinated a successful block party event with St. Paul’s Anglican Church, to welcome the community at large. In September, both Reverends shared with the Prince Street churches to organize a “welcome back” street party. These were lovely, well attended events and an opportunity to share with members of other faiths.

  • Trinity “Trunk or Treat” was another huge success. The Reverend Greg Davis would like to thank Lori and Troy MacKenzie for the leadership they provided in this activity where young and old alike had fun, shared treats and fellowship, and showed off costumes and decorating abilities.

  • The White Gift service was a success through the dedication of the participants of all ages, and the leadership of Suzanne Campbell.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee members who are: Kim Cox, the Reverend Greg Davis, Beth Grant, Jessica Foster, Nancy Goodwin, Anne Love, Barbara Prowse, and Gail White. In addition, I wish to again highlight the leadership of the Reverend Gail Hopkirk in supporting the Christian Development agenda at Trinity, and to thank the parents of the youth, the multitude of volunteers, and all the participants in our sponsored events. You have all contributed to the life and work of the church through your caring and sharing with this committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Mayne

Committee Chair

Library Committee

The Library Committee continues to catalogue materials that have been newly donated to the library. Signage has also been added to make it easier to find the different sections. On a regular basis during Coffee and Conversation, the committee sets up a book display, providing the opportunity to make people more aware of the library and to feature new acquisitions. Library patrons should look for a newly updated catalogue with separate listings under title, author and subject.

Trinity Library Committee

Don and Jeanette Scott, Joan Smith

Mona Kitchener, Will Gibbon

Outreach & Service

Committee members: Mark Richardson, Wilma MacLean, Heather Cameron, Don Scott, Bernice Bell, Heather Seguin, Sylvia Gunn, Monica MacDonald, Vicki Allen-Cook, Evelyn Jenkins, Roger Gordon, Alison Gordon, Basil Ikede, Harry Kielly, Rev. John Moses, Rev. Greg Davis.

Activities in 2014:

1. Refugee Sponsorship: The first stage of the refugee family reunification reached a successful conclusion in July when Maryan Diriye Keynan and two of her daughters, Faduma Awil Ahdar and Suad Awil Ahdar, were reunited with three of Maryan’s other children, Nasro, Amal and Mohammed in Charlottetown. One daughter remained in Alberta to work and another, the one who had been missing for a long time, had to be left behind in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The family is doing remarkably well considering what they have endured. The three newcomers attend language classes at Holland College and the two young women are doing very well. Nasro has obtained some work, and Amal and Mohammed are attending Colonel Gray High School. Maryan has had many health issues and these are being addressed as fast as possible. Faduma’s pregnancy has put some extra stress on our financial obligations but the congregation has been very supportive. The apartment was totally furnished by the


congregation and the committee appreciates everyone’s generosity and support. The Outreach Committee supplied a “lobster in the shell” dinner to 120 people from the National Health Care Coalition which, due to many donations, yielded $1500 for the fund. Suad and Amal both worked as servers. The status of Ubax in Ethiopia remains a great concern for the family and for the committee.

2. Friends of Prince Street School: The breakfast program has continued to be a success. Donations of grocery cards have continued to support the program. The staff and student Christmas dinner was served again this year and it was very well received.

3. Affirming congregation: The process has been re-activated, first by Rev. Moses addressing the issue from the pulpit and then by the establishing of a group to carry forth the discussion early in the new year.

4. Habitat for Humanity: Materials for picnic tables were purchased by Trinity and a working group was organized and took part in the construction of the tables.

5. Addressing Poverty: The issue of poverty in our community has continued to come up for discussion. Bernice Bell established a contact with the Women’s Network and a member addressed the committee. Members of the committee have attended meetings of various groups trying to address the issue of poverty on PEI. A great deal of work is still needed to determine the direction we should be taking as a committee.

6. Unit Seven - Hillsborough Hospital: Outreach & Service committee members have continued to work with the long-term patients. Lunches, followed by movies, have been held regularly and are enjoyed by all. Vans and Emily Bryant again lead a singsong with the residents during one of their visits to Trinity. Committee members were invited to the Christmas concert at Unit 7. During Unit 7's summer camp at Camp Gencheff, a number of committee members again helped the staff to serve a dinner to patients and their family members and friends.

7. Benevolent Fund: The fund had a good year with a balance of $9325.84

In November increased disbursements were approved as follows:

Community Chaplaincy $1,200

Salvation Army $4,500

Bedford MacDonald house $1,200

Trinity’s Christmas Baskets $1,000

8. Proposed Budget for 2015:

Charlottetown Christian Council $200

Photocopying $150

Atlantic School of Theology $1,000

Tatamagouche Lay Education $500

Camp Abegweit $750

Submitted by: Harry Kielly - Chair

Prince Street School Turkey Dinner

Thank you to Emily Bryant for compiling the following notes of appreciation. No doubt this was a very time consuming task, but much appreciated.

This document summarizes notes of appreciation written by the Prince Street School students following the 2014 Christmas dinner that was provided by staff and volunteers of Trinity United Church. The teachers encouraged the children to write Thank You cards. 200 messages were signed by the students and sent to Trinity Church for all to enjoy. At times, the sentence formation and spelling was not correct but the messages were sincere, showing genuine gratefulness. Spelling errors were “sound like” mistakes, so entertaining that a few are included to demonstrate how children learn. Progression in


writing and expression could be seen in the higher grades. For this document, the spelling errors were

corrected for readability. Student’s names have been omitted.

One poster from a younger class had 14 colourful Christmas balls each with a printed name. One overall message: Dear Trinity Chefs, thank you for dinner. It was delightful!!

One card had 17 names printed with beginning level printing and someone, likely the teacher, collected the children’s comments and summarized them on this card.

What we liked best: ohh, the aroma in the halls, the turkey, when I sat with everyone, when I ate the turkey, the potatoes, turkey, when we ate the turkey, turkey, trying all the foods and the ice cream, the turkey and the sauce, the turkey and the carrots, carrots, I liked the turkey, the ice cream and the turkey. Comments followed by a BIG Thank you.

From Class 1B: A bristle board Christmas card with a Christmas tree drawn and colored on the outside and 16 individual thank you cards pasted on the inside. These individual cards had snowmen, trees, or presents on the outside of the card with nice printed messages such as:

  1. Merry Christmas Trinity United Church. Thank you for dinner. I liked the potatoes best.

  2. Thank you church.

  3. I love the food. Thank you for the food.

  4. Merry Christmas. Thank you. I like the things that you made. It is the best.

  5. Merry Christmas. Thanks for coming. It was good.

  6. Thank you for making us dinner.

  7. Thank you for the food and thank you for the ice cream. Merry Christmas.

  8. Love you. Thank you.

  9. Thank you Trinity Church. I loved the food and it was good.

  10. Merry Christmas. Thank you Trinity Church for the yummy dinner.

  11. Merry Christmas to Trinity Church. Thank you for the dinner. I loved the turkey and the potatoes. It was good. Have a good Christmas.

  12. Merry Christmas. Thank you for coming to Prince Street School for the turkey dinner. Thank you Trinity Church.

  13. Thank you Trinity Church. Thank you for the turkey dinner. Merry Christmas.

  14. Thank you Trinity Church for the yummy food. Ho,ho, ho to Church.

  15. Merry Christmas to you. I like your food.

  16. Thank you for making us turkey dinner. Ho,ho,ho.

A number of cards were from very young students using cut out construction paper. Some had a picture of a church or had Trinity Church printed on the front page. These messages were short and sweet; a few only contained a signature.

17. Thank you for meal.

18. This card is made with love for Trinity Church.

19. Thank you very much Trinity Church. The turkey dinner was amazing! When I tasted the food, I felt I was at my grandmother’s house because it tasted so good.

20. Thank you so much and it was amazing and awesome. You are the best.

21. Thank you for the turkey. Thank you for the big plates. Will you do it next year

22. Thank you for the turkey dinner.

23. Thank you. {Trinity Church was written on a cut out hand - lovely.}

24. Thank you Trinity Church for the turkey dinner. I hope you like this card and this picture. (a picture of a big turkey)

One class had cards in the shape of a circle with Thank You and a drawing on the outside and a short message inside guided by the question: “What did you like about the dinner?”

25. I liked the turkey. (tky)

26. I liked the ice cream sandwich.


27. I liked the ice cream sandwich.

28. I liked the potatoes.

29. I liked the ice cream.

30. I liked the potatoes.

31. I liked the potatoes.

32. I liked the potatoes, and peas and turkey

33. I liked the ice cream

34. I liked the turkey.

35. I liked the cranberries.

36. I liked the whole dinner. (hol dinr)

Class 2A had cards with a colored Santa, a tree or snowmen on the cover and the words Merry Christmas. Inside all the notes started with To Trinity United Church

37. Thank you for your time and money to make a turkey dinner. It was so nice for you to make your fabulous turkey dinner for Prince Street School. My favourite part was the potatoes all mixed up like ice cream. Merry Christmas. You guys made the BEST turkey!

38. Thank you for the delicious food and thank you for the ice cream sandwiches.

39. Thank you for the turkey dinner. It was so nice of you to serve us food. My favourite part was the ice cream sandwiches.

40. Thank you for bringing food. I like to eat. I like your Trinity Church.

41. I love the turkey dinner. I liked the ice cream sandwiches.

42. Thank you for making turkey dinner for us. I really loved it. My three favourite parts were the ice cream sandwiches, the turkey and the potatoes.

43. Thank you for the turkey dinner. I also enjoyed the ice cream sandwich. I want to thank you for all. You have done so much.

44. Thank you for coming to our school. It was so nice of you to make us dinner. My favourite part was the ice cream sandwiches (samagis).

45. Thank you for making the turkey dinner yesterday. It was so nice of you to spend all of your time making turkey dinner. My favourite part was the ice cream sandwiches.

46. Thank you for the turkey dinner.

47. Thank you for the BIG lunch. It was so nice of you to do that for us. My favourite part was the ice cream sandwiches. Have a nice Christmas.

48. Thank you for coming to give us food. It was so nice of you to give us food. My favourite part was the turkey.

49. Thank you for the turkey dinner. I hope you have a great Christmas.

50. Thank you for making food. It was so nice of you to cook food for us.

51. Thank you for bringing all of your yummy food that you gave us. My favourite part was the yummy turkey.

52. Thank you for lunch. It was so nice of you to cook. My favourite part was the ice cream.

53. Thank you for the dinner. It was so nice of you to come to Prince Street School.

54. Thank you for giving us dinner yesterday. We appreciate you. We like the food. I liked the ice cream sandwich and the turkey.

55. That was the best lunch ever. Thank you.

56. Thank you for the turkey dinner. It was the best and the carrots were good.

57. Thank you for coming. I really liked the turkey dinner even though I didn’t eat ??

58. Thank you for the turkey dinner. It was good. I liked the ? and I like the potatoes.

59. Thank you for the turkey dinner. We really appreciate that. Thank you for coming to Prince Street School. (This card had a drawing of servers saying “You’re Welcome” as each student took their food.)

60. Thank you for the turkey dinner. (trky dinr)

61. Thank you. I like turkey dinner. (This card also had a drawing of volunteers serving and a student saying Yummy.)

62. That supper was good. Thank you for the tasty supper. It was good.


63. Thank you for the turkey and carrots.

64. Thank you for the turkey dinner. It was yummy.

65. Thank you for the turkey dinner. It was delicious. (deles)

66. Thank you for the turkey dinner. It was good.

67. Thank you for the delicious turkey dinner.

68. Thank you for the food.

69. I liked your turkey dinner for dinner was ----- (delicious ?). I loved your dinner.

70. I loved the dinner.

71. I loved the food. Thank you. It was awesome. (asum)

72. I loved the turkey dinner. Thank you

3A all had red cards with a decorated Christmas tree on the front. They were lovely. There was a lot of repetition in the messages from this class.

73. Thank you and Merry Christmas from 3A.

74. Thank you and Merry Christmas from 3A.

75. Thank you for the yummy turkey dinner and Merry Christmas from 3A.

76.You can’t have full (fun) if you don’t have turkey. Good Job! It must be hard to serve the whole school.

77.You can’t have fun if you don’t have turkey. Gobble, gobble, gobble. Good job with the turkey dinner. Merry Christmas

78.Thank you for all you have done for us. I love you.

79.You can’t have fun if you don’t have turkey. Good job. It must be hard to serve the whole school.

80.Thank you from 3A.

81.Thank you for the dinner.

82.You can’t have fun if you don’t have turkey. p.s. Gobble, gobble, gobble.

Merry Christmas and ho, ho, ho. To Trinity Church. I love the turkey.

83.Thank you Thank you. Thank you.

84.You can’t have fun if you don’t have turkey. Gobble, gobble, gobble.

85.Thank you for the food.

86.You can’t have fun if you don’t have turkey. That’s in 3A in Prince Street School.

87.Thank you so much. Turkey is so good. You make the best. Can I have the stuffing recipe ? (resegy) Gobble, gobble, gobble.

88.Merry Christmas. Thank you so much for the delicious turkey dinner. (3A)

89.You can’t have fun if you don’t have turkey. P.S. Gobble, gobble, gobble.

90.Thank you so much for cooking the turkey dinner. I appreciated (?) eating it. Merry Christmas.

91.Merry Christmas from 3A. Thank you for the yummy turkey dinner. I must thank you for the turkey dinner. There was lots of (“kinds” maybe) of food.

92.Merry Christmas. Trinity Church, you are kind.

The 4A class made lovely shaped cards that looked like gingerbread houses. Most of them contained a short message. Some just signed these colored treasures.

93. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

94. Merry Christmas

95. Merry Christmas

96. Thank you

97. Thank you so much

98. You guys served an awesome lunch. Merry Christmas

99. Merry Christmas, thank you for the awesome turkey dinner.

100. Merry Christmas. The turkey dinner was delicious ! I had to have 4 helpings.

101. To Trinity United Church, Thank you for the turkey dinner. It was delicious.

102. I wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you have a great Christmas. Thanks for all of the food. The food was great.

103. Thank you for granting me the privilege of eating my favourite meal of the year. Every meal you give us gets better and better. Merry Christmas and may Christ be in your heart on such a great holiday. P.S.


And a Happy New Year.

104. Thank you

105.To Trinity: Thank you for the turkey dinner. Thank you so much for that turkey dinner.HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

106. Thank you for the turkey dinner. It was delicious.

107. Thanks for the turkey dinner. Everyone loved it. Even I went for seconds. Merry Christmas to all of you.

One class had Thank you cards had coloured Christmas scenes of a family about to eat a turkey dinner on the outside of folded cards. A message was duplicated on all cards from one class, Thank you from Prince Street School ! Each started with Dear Trinity Church.

108. I think you are awesome cooks. I enjoyed it and loved it.

109. Your dinner was great! I am very thankful that you came. Thank you.

110. Thank you for the turkey dinner. We loved it. Have a good Christmas.

111. Thanks for your hard work also we love your cooks. Your turkey dinner is the best in the whole world. It tastes like chicken and burgers. We enjoyed your lovely turkey dinner. Love you.

112. Thank you for the dinner.

113. Thank you for coming. We had a lovely dinner. It was really nice seeing you again this year! Yours sincerely,

114. I thank you for the great turkey dinner. It tasted like a little slice of heaven. I loved the potatoes and peas.

115. Thank you for the turkey dinner and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

116. Thank you for the turkey dinner. W enjoyed the dinner. I wish you can do it again.

117. Thank you for coming.

118. I enjoyed the dinner. I hope you come again.

119. The food was delicious. We love it. We could smell the dinner from our class and we could taste it all the way to our class.

120. I am very thankful for all that food. I could smell it from my classroom.

Cards from another class had a hand-made design on the front cover, a shape of a tree cut out of small pieces of varied green paper, very creative.

121. Dear Trinity Church, thank you Trinity Church and the other volunteers for the awesome turkey dinner. I loved the potatoes. They were the best in my life. The gravy was the tastiest gravy I ever had in my life. The ice cream sandwiches were the best. Thank you Trinity Church for the best turkey dinner in my life.

122.Thank you Trinity Church for the turkey dinner. It was really good and the best turkey dinner that I ever had. Merry Christmas

123.Thank you Trinity Church for the feast.

124. Dear Trinity Church, thank you for the turkey dinner. It was amazing ! I love how you made really good food. I also love how you devoted your time to make a lovely meal for Prince Street School and you did not even have to come in and do that for us and you just could have stayed home and relaxed. Given these facts, I think you are nice people. So, you have happy and warm holidays.

125. Thank you Trinity Church for the turkey because it was tasty. The turkey with gravy. It was really good. It was so good that I loved it. It was really awesome.

126. Dear Trinity Church, thank you Trinity for the amazing turkey dinner you sent to Prince Street. I wish you could see the happiness and joy on our faces. We wish you a Merry Christmas. Everyone was so happy! I thank you Trinity Church. I am so happy for what you did for Prince Street. Merry Christmas.

127. Dear Trinity Church, I thank you for taking the time to give us lunch and give this to the people that don’t have the experience with their family. I had so much fun. I was ready for the afternoon. It was so tasty and amazing. I wish I could rate it, on a score of 1 to 10, it was a 10.

128. Thank you for the dinner, Trinity United Church. I love it when you come here every year at school. I love the turkey but they are very innocent. I tried not to eat the poor innocent creature but I can’t help it. I’m sorry turkeys. All the Prince Street students are sorry for eating you. (Sorry, I was talking to the


turkey). What Prince Street really wants to say, is THANK YOU.

129. Thank you very much Trinity Church and volunteers for the wonderful turkey dinner. It was

delicious. My favourite was the turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots, the gravy and the peas. I also liked the part when you guys past out the ice cream sandwich part too. Some of the ice cream melted fast so it was tricky to eat it. Thank you for coming and giving us a turkey dinner.

130. Dear Trinity Church, thank you for giving us an awesome lunch. The gravy was better than I thought. The potatoes were tasty. They looked like ice cream! The turkey was like chicken. The ice cream sandwiches were the best sandwiches I ever had.

131. Dear Trinity Church, thank you for the amazing turkey dinner. It is an amazing work that you guys did for our whole school. All of the food was so delicious. The best part I loved of the food had to be the turkey. The food was the best turkey dinner I ever had. TO: Trinity Church and all of the volunteers. Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas.

132. Thank you Trinity Church for the turkey dinner and delicious food. It was great for you to get us the turkey dinner. And thank you all the volunteers for helping with the turkey dinner and your help. It was all delicious with the gravy and the ice cream sandwiches were good.

133. Thank you Trinity Church for the ice cream sandwiches and the turkey dinner. I liked the turkey the best. Everything I ate was delicious. Thank you again.

134. Dear Trinity Church, it was so nice of you to come to our school and cook us a turkey dinner for lunch. It was very much appreciated and you didn’t even have to come to our school and cook us a meal. It was so good and so thoughtful. The peas, the carrots, the potatoes, the stuffing and the turkey. It was all amazing. Thank you so very much for coming to our school to make us a turkey dinner.

135. Thank you Trinity Church for giving us a tasty turkey dinner. I like the turkey that you give because on your face there was happy and joy. We are lucky to have you, Trinity Church in Prince Street School. I hope we can have you back in Prince Street School.

136. Thank you for the turkey dinner, Trinity Church and all you did. Providing water and ice cream sandwiches and a lot more and that’s why I am thankful for the turkey dinner. You are very kind and nice. Don’t stop doing the turkey dinner for Prince Street School.

137. Dear Trinity Church, The turkey dinner was lovely. I loved the stuffing, carrots, peas, and especially the turkey. The ice cream sandwiches were really good. I loved how the food was all washed down with gravy. I went to Trinity United Church for my summer camp and it was awesome. Trinity United Church: you rock and you are the best. Thank you.

138. Dear Trinity Church, thank you for the good dinner. It was so good.

139. Thank you Trinity Church. I loved the turkey. It was so good. Thank you.

140. To Trinity Church: Thank you Trinity Church for the turkey dinner and it is good and please do it again.

141. Thank you Trinity Church for the turkey dinner that you provided for us that was the best turkey dinner I ever had ! So thank you for providing the potatoes, cranberry sauce, peas, carrots, stuffing and gravy for us. I am looking forward to next year’s turkey dinner too! I hope it will be as good as I think. Happy Holidays. Ho,ho,ho.

142. Trinity Church turkey dinner: I am really thankful for the turkey you offered us. You didn’t even have to do this but you had the heart to.

From Class 5 B

143. Thank you Trinity Church for your yummy turkey dinner. It was the best yet. Please come back. I think I’m speaking for the rest of the school. Please come back and thank you.

144.Thank you. It was yummy. Thank you so very much for the turkey dinner. It was so yummy.

145.Thank you Trinity Church for the best turkey dinner that I had. I think this is the best ever or even the best in the world. THANK YOU

146.Thank you Trinity Church for your turkey dinner. This was the best turkey dinner ever because I ate a lot of food (like three platefuls of food). The food was so good. The most things I loved was the mashed potatoes, the peas and the stuffing. Again Thank you very much. Have a great holiday which is Christmas.


147.Thank you for the food , the kindness and your love and peace and love.

148.Dear fellow members of the Trinity Church, thank you for that epic stomach stuffing turkey dinner

yesterday. I think it stuffed a lot of students, teachers and volunteers. It was great that you chose our school (again) this year. I loved all the food. Again, thank you.

149. Thank you Trinity Church for the delicious turkey dinner.

From class 6 A were beautiful cards with a cover that looked like a stained glass window with a candle burning in the middle. On the back was a note : original card by --

The art work inside the cards were varied and artistic but all cards had similar messages.

150. Thank you Trinity Church for the GOOD delicious Christmas dinner.

151. To Trinity United Church. Have a good new year.

152. Thank you Trinity United Church for the delicious Christmas dinner.

153. Trinity United Church, Merry Christmas. Thank you for the delicious Christmas dinner.

154. Thank you Trinity Church for the wonderful Christmas dinner.

155. Thank you for the delicious Christmas dinner.

156. Thank you Trinity Church for the delicious Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas.

157. Trinity United Church, thank you for a delicious Christmas dinner from Prince Street School.

158. To: Trinity United Church. Happy Holidays. Thanks for the BEST turkey dinner.

159. Trinity United Church. Thanks very much. Have a good new year.

160.Thank you Trinity United Church. Thank you Trinity Church for the delicious Christmas dinner.

161. To Trinity United Church. Thank you Trinity Church for a delicious Christmas dinner.

162. Thank you Trinity Church for the delicious Christmas dinner.

163. Thank you Trinity Church for the delicious Christmas dinner.

164. Thank you Trinity Church for the delicious Christmas dinner. Thank you.

165. Thank you Trinity Church for the delicious Christmas dinner, Trinity United Church.

166. Thank you Trinity Church for the GOOD delicious Christmas dinner. It was so good.

Counting the 17 group comments and 14 on the poster, this makes 197 messages. At least 3 cards didn’t have a message, just a signature. That makes 200 positive feedback messages from students at Prince Street School for the turkey dinner outreach. This results in 200 students (plus teachers and staff) who have positive impressions of Trinity United Church because of this meal. It is obvious that this outreach is greatly appreciated by Prince Street School. The teachers were wonderful to reinforce the need for students to say Thank You and to encourage student creativity by having them create Christmas cards. This training helps parents as well. This initiative is good by all concerned.

Pastoral Care Committee

The Pastoral Care Committee in 2014 consisted of 17 members. During the year 3 members resigned. The committee maintains the congregational roll and church directory. In addition, the committee visited members of the congregation who are in some 18 nursing and seniors' homes and two hospitals.

Home visits were also made to some 29 individuals by Rev. John Moses, Rev. Greg Davis and committee members.

Also, Rev. John and Rev. Greg carried out weekly visits to those in hospital, visits to the homes of those in bereavement and visits to those wishing pastoral care.

Another successful Homecoming Service occurred on July 28, 2014. This function is held for those who cannot regularly attend church service. Rev. Moses conducted the service and "The Strummers" provided the music. Lunch was served to about 37 people.

Church Tours were conducted in June on those days in which cruise ships were in town. These tours were part of the 2014 Anniversary Celebrations and were carried out by that Committee.

The following report captures the baptisms, marriages, memberships, and those from the congregation

who passed away in 2014.


We wish to thank all who served on the committee during the year. A special "thank you" to the members

who served a term far surpassing the required 3 years and will no longer be with us - Audrey Livingstone, Claude Bell, Anne Love, Shirley MacDonald, Judy Irwin and Isabel Bowman. We will miss them.

Lynda Taylor

Errol Andrews





Emily Jane Boulter David R. Chandler and Lois Ann Boulter

Ryan William Boulter David Stewart and Lois Ann Boulter

Joel Alexander Stevenson Michael McKinley and Jenna Lee Stevenson

Gavin Sebastian Brown Aaron and Melanie Brown

Alan John White Michael White and Bobbi Lawlor

Allyson Lori Della Buote Michael Buote and Ashlen Smith

Benjamin Matheson Wonnacott Bradford Wonnacott

Caleigh Jean Cameron Neven Cameron and Shawna Corrigan

Violet Lucille Foster Craig Foster and Jessica Larter

Jett George Callum Larter Brad and April Larter


Onoriode Ubuhomoto Ikede and Jenna Dawn Paynter

        Brandon Maynard Webber and Tanya Jean Gallant

        Graeme MacLeod Shaw and Melanie Tracy Margaret Smith

        Timothy Brian Hennessey and Kelly Marie Burke

        Brent David Cheverie and Maria Jinell May

        Stephen Anthony Dowling and Mallory Anne Gordon

        Patrick Edward Reid and Angela Catharine Sande

        Craig Leonard Myers and Katherine Gene Elizabeth Peardon

        Christopher T. Jay and Nicole C. MacDonald

        Benjamin Daniel McInnis and Jennifer Louise Rafuse

        Robin Philip Hood and Pamela Jane Graham

        Norman Fabian Beaton and Alexandra Joyce McDermott


The following are names of those whose funerals were conducted by the Order of Ministry from Trinity-Clifton, together with names identified at this time of those from the Congregational Roll whose funerals were conducted by other clergy:

E. Joyce MacKinnon                          Lorne R. Wood

           Ronald G. Storey                             Lynne E. Taylor

           Gladys M. Essery                             M. Nadine Warman

           John M. Williams                             A. Eileen Jenkins

           Elijah H. C. MacKinnon                     Audrey Reid

           Ruby M. Higgins                              Margaret A. Kirby

           Freeman Newson                             Philip K. Higson

           Jeanne E. Coulson                            Harold J. Davis

           John J. Farquharson                         Barry R. MacLaren

           Marie A. Cook                                  J. Howard Walker

           James J. MacEachern                       Florence M. Deacon

           John R. Ryan                                   Beryl Graham

           M. Helen Cox 30

Property Committee

The 2014 winter weather was a key influence on the work of the Committee during the year. What started out to be a year focussed on energy reduction efforts, turned to be one focused on storm response. The church building suffered some shingle blow off, primarily on the south side, from a severe winter storm the end of March. This was followed with heavy rains within days. These combined events resulted in water entering the sanctuary roof and leaking into the south balcony and lower level media room. The most significant outcomes were wet attic insulation on the south side, water damaged media equipment (necessary for weekly church broadcast) and replacement of a storm window section over the Prince St. entry. It has taken the remainder of the year working with the insurance company and adjuster to have repairs made to the roof and storm window, damp insulation removed from the attic and new replaced, media equipment replaced, carpets cleaned in affected areas, and walls repaired and painted in the south balcony. This has gone very well and the claim process is almost complete.

This experience brought forward as a priority, the need to replace church roof shingles. MacBeth Bros. Roofing was asked to provide an assessment of the roof in April, 2014. The assessment revealed: shingles on the north side (installed in the late 1980’s) were completely worn out and needed replacement; shingles on the south side (installed in 2003) appeared to have been neither tarred nor properly installed for high wind rating, resulting in blow offs and repairs several times since the 2003 installation. If not replaced this would continue.

The Committee identified several other areas requiring a professional opinion before proceeding. These included: soundness of roof framing and roof surface; condition of brickwork/masonry; level of attic ventilation; suitability of increasing attic insulation, and integrity of the Prince St wall supporting the stained glass windows. A structural engineering review by CBCL was commissioned by Church Council. The onsite review was conducted July 25, 2014 by a CBCL engineer from Halifax with experience in historic buildings. A report was received presenting a review summary and recommendations. The review reinforced the need to replace the roof shingles and any deteriorated roof boards, supported installation of attic ventilation, identified external brick/masonry areas needing repairs and/or further assessment, and recommended attic insulation not be increased. The latter was due to potential freeze thaw cycle damage this could cause to the east and west gable brick walls in the attic. This was contrary to the energy assessment recommending increased level of insulation for energy saving benefit. Property recommended to Council to not increase insulation level beyond existing level.

Considerable effort has been given to reviewing roofing options, meeting with contractors and gathering quotes for re-roofing (shingles, slate, steel), attic ventilation and assessment and repair of brick/masonry. These would be priorities for 2015.

Numerous electrical repairs have been made including rewiring and installation of new sockets in all sanctuary ceiling spotlights, addition of permanent lighting in the attic, restoration and LED conversion of spotlights on Prince St. stained glass windows, repair of exterior lighting for Richmond St. entry, Sydney St. alley and the parking lot.

All sprinkler heads in the Christian Education Centre will have to be replaced in 2015 due to code requirement, as they exceed 50 years.

The stair lift to the gymnasium requires replacement. A quote from Harding Medical has been received for a chair lift model which will accommodate wheelchairs. This will be installed early 2015 pending approval of Council.

Numerous other repair and maintenance work has been completed through the year as is to be expected for three aging buildings. Hopefully we will be able to refocus on energy saving efforts in 2015.

Thank you to Council, Ellen Locke Doiron, Lorraine Worth and Phil Whittaker for your continued assistance. Thank you also to Committee members for your participation and support to “Property” during a very busy year.


Respectfully submitted,

Gail MacNutt


Manse Committee

Although no formal meetings were held, members of the Committee communicated by telephone and in person. As repairs or new appliances were needed, they were addressed. A new dishwasher was purchased and a vent was replaced in the bathroom.

Respectfully submitted,

Miriam Lank

Worship Committee

Another year has passed and again we have experienced rich and meaningful worship services together at Trinity-Clifton.

Our sincere thanks to Rev. John Moses and Rev. Greg Davis for their gifts of leadership around worship. So many continue to express sincere appreciation for their gifts.

Thanks is extended to the chancel choir under the direction of Don Fraser. We recognize their commitment and faithful attendance at practices and Sunday mornings.

This past year, 2014 being our 150th anniversary year, we were blessed with wonderful musical selections offered by various choirs (including Trinity’s) and individuals invited to celebrate this historic occasion with us. The anniversary itself was highlighted by a large attendance at the morning service where Dr. Anthony Bailey delivered a powerful message. Participants in the evening musical concert received a standing ovation.

So many of you have expressed how much you enjoy the participation of our children and youth, conducting worship, reading, and offering musical selections and dramatic presentations.

I hope you will take the time to pass on your ideas and thoughts about our worship services to the members of the committee. We appreciate constructive feedback.

I have appreciated the opportunity to serve as chair of Trinity-Clifton Worship Committee. May we continue to work together to make worship as meaningful, joyful and thoughtful as we can.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Stewart

Chancel Choir

The Trinity Chancel Choir has enjoyed another busy year leading the singing at worship services. This dedicated group of individuals rehearsed twice weekly: Wednesday 6:30-8:00 pm and on Sunday morning from 9:45 to 10:20 am. The choir has also enjoyed their involvement in other services throughout the year. Many people give of their time freely and joyfully to be part of the Chancel Choir, and we are thankful and appreciative of all who give so very much on a weekly basis. It’s always a great pleasure to welcome new members to the choir! Two highlights of the year were being invited to sing at Clifton for their anniversary service and the special massed choir evening where we welcomed the choirs of Spring Park, Park Royal, St. Andrew’s, Vernon River, and Hillcrest United, Montague to Trinity in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Trinity. We wish to thank the Supper Club for their ongoing support of Jennifer Gillis as a choir section leader. Kelsea McLean continued with us as well, as a leader in the soprano section. The music at Trinity was enriched during the year with many talented soloists; thanks to Dan St. Amand, Laura MacLeod, Jennifer Gillis, Sylvia Mutch, Vans and Emily Bryant, Kelsea McLean, Jack Chen, Ellen Gibling, Karen Langille, Robyn Verhoeven, Nathan Keoughan, Jon Baird, Dale Sorensen and Suzanne Campbell for their presence with us.


May music continue to play an important role at Trinity United!

Respectfully submitted,

Donald Fraser

Rena Wood Johnstone's Handbells

These handbells were a gift from the family of Rena Wood Johnstone and are under the care of the Worship Committee and Director of Music.

Stewardship Committee

No report submitted.

Board of Trustees – Trinity

The Board of Trustees holds in trust: Title to the real estate and property of Trinity for the use and benefits of the Congregation. As well, the Trustees hold and administer funds left to the Church.

The Trustee met once in 2014. Rev Dr John Moses is Chair, Linda Dunning Secretary and Bill Bishop is Treasurer. The signing officers for the Board of Trustees are Bill Bishop, Linda Dunning, Blair MacLaughlin and Tom Macdonald. All signing requires two of these individuals.

The Investment Committee has met on a number of occasions. The Committee follows the requirements set out in Trinity's Investment Policy with respect to how monies are invested. We also meet with our Financial Advisor at RBC-DS to discuss our portfolio. There has been a number of challenges to ensuring that there are good returns on our investment due to low interest rates.

We hold your trust for Trinity and will continue to work diligently.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda Dunning


Board of Trustees – Clifton United Church

The board of trustees holds in-trust title to the property at Clifton for the use and benefit of the congregation on behalf of the United Church of Canada. In addition, the trustees hold in-trust and administer funds that have been given to Clifton Cemetery as a result of plot sales, donations, and bequests to ensure the perpetual care of the cemetery.

In 2007, Clifton United Church was designated a heritage place under PEI’s Heritage Places Protection Act. This designation confers ongoing legal protection to the structure. The congregation established a fund named the “Heritage Building Preservation Fund” for the perpetual care and preservation of the church building. Listed below are the investments the trustees hold on behalf of the cemetery and the Heritage Building Preservation Fund.

Trustees: Heather Diamond (Secretary); Maurice Wood (Treasurer of Operating Account and Heritage Building Preservation Fund); Doug Kelly (Treasurer of Cemetery Fund), and Herb Mason.


Clifton Cemetery Fund Investments



December 31, 2014






Issue Date

Maturity Date


Current Value



TD Canada Trust


November 13, 2014

February 21, 2015





TD Canada Trust


May 4, 2010

May 4, 2015





TD Canada Trust


June 24, 2011

June 24, 2016





TD Canada Trust


June 24, 2011

June 24, 2016





TD Canada Trust


June 24, 2011

June 24, 2016





TD Canada Trust


May 6, 2013

May 6, 2017





TD Canada Trust


May 6, 2013

May 6, 2018





TD Canada Trust


June 26, 2014

June 26, 2019




* Principle Value






Total Value (GIC)






Cash (TD Canada Trust)






Petty Cash







Total Assets

















Heritage Building Preservation Fund



December 31, 2011









Issue Date

Maturity Date


Current Value





December 31, 2014

December 31, 2015







December 31, 2014

December 31, 2015







December 17, 2014

December 17, 2015
















Total (GIC)




Brace Block

The Brace Trust was established in the mid-1920s, by Charlottetown businessman Richard Brace, to provide financial assistance to candidates, resident in Prince Edward Island for the ordained and diaconal ministries of the United Church, the Presbyterian Church (including the Free Church of Scotland), the Baptist Church and the Church of Christ. The Trust was given corporate status by an Act of the Province’s Legislative Assembly in 1929 [L.P.E.I. 1929, cap. 36].

Mr. Brace left various Charlottetown properties to the Trust which were sold to enable the construction, in 1933/1934, of the Brace Block on Queen Street. The rental income from the Brace Block premises initially funded the student grants. In 1976, the building was sold, the sale income was invested and its annual return now funds the Trust’s grants.

By its Act of incorporation, the Trust is comprised of six Trustees. The senior Ministers at Trinity, Zion and First Baptist are Trustees, and there is a Lay Trustee from each of the three congregations. The Trustees elect a Chair from among the Lay Trustees and appoint an Administrative Secretary for the Trust’s administration. Currently, the Trustees are:

Rev.Dr. John Moses, Trinity

Rev. Douglas Rollwage, Zion,

Rev. David DuBois, First Baptist,

Dr. Harry Love (Chair), Trinity

Kent Brown, QC, Zion

Don Pendleton, First Baptist


For the 2014/2015 Academic Year, the Trust made five grants to student applicants; two to Baptists, one Presbyterian and two United. The United Church recipients were Rachel Campbell and Barbara Cairns.

Respectfully submitted,

Douglas Boylan

Administrative Secretary to the Trust


The following is a list of Bequests given to Trinity United Church by Will. The list, which may not be complete, is prepared from the annual reports from 1925 to 2014.

George Beer Isaac Carter Donald Murchison

Gladys M. Taylor Henry Beer Augusta Mayhew

Flora Murchison Margaret Whitehead Eva E. Stamper

Christina Anderson Dephine L. Douse Josephine Crosby

William Dodd Bessie Ross Cora Mae Howatt

Gwendolyn M. Taylor Jane Dodd Margaret A. Phillips

Edith Toombs Nellie G. Sutherland Dr. E.P. Taylor

Anna E. Rogers Muriel Smith Helen W. Duffey

Roger Farquharson William & Nellie Rowe George E. Webster

Glennie MacLean John F. Godkin Martha Huggan

Vernon T. Howatt Maude Gamester Benjamin Bremmer

John P. Simmonds Hannah Headley Sterling Rodd

Charles C. Gardiner John B. Andrew Elsie M. Crockett

Lily Tweedy Rev. Ralph Brecken Fannie J. Mutch

Lucy B. Cox Henrietta Burgess William A. Weeks

Mary Emma Pierce Elsie James Elmer Mallett

Sarah Perkins Robert Everett Mutch Florence Martin

Duncan MacCannell Rev. Fulton J. Coffin Marion Moore

Robert A. Duncan Margaret MacPherson Simon W. Crabbe

Ethel Horne Harry F. Drew Mildred Mason

Col. F. S. Moore Edmund T. Higgs Ella Drew

Emily Peardon Catherine MacMillan E. Bruce Huggan

Edith L. Warre William Hayward Frances J. Prowse

Charles H. Black W.W. & Mrs. Lord Marion Davies

Frances Docherty Florence R. Ledwick Doris Maude MacKay

Agnes Simmons Margaret A. Farneaux Mrs. E.E. Johnstone

Eleanor Johnson Annie Cook Annie L. Beer

Frances Wauk Sophie Doyle Frances E. Smallwood

Jean Leslie White Mary MacDonald Charles H. Chappell


Bernice Robertson Mary Bragg Arthur J. Harper

Bethia M. Tweedy Wesley M. Acorn Elizabeth Mutch

G. Dudley Wright Euphemia Brehaut Julia Parsons

Patience M. Clark Gertrude A. Love Elizabeth MacNair

Carrie Hunt Annie Georgina Smith Sarah J. Kellow

Fannie Bell Ethel A. Taylor Dr. Harry D. Johnson

Alfred J. Houle Isabel Bishop Cook Jamie Partridge

J. Hibbert Howatt Elizabeth Jane Reeves Annie MacLeod

Laura Hodgson H. Chalmers MacLeod Mary Eliza Webster

Mrs. J. Grosse George M. Richards Katherine Julia Downe

Margaret P. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. MacKay Florence Puncher

N. Margaret O=Neill Eliza Ramsden Melinda Mildred Johnstone

Edgar E. Jardine Alice V. Fraser Gordon Avard

Eva M. Burhoe Col. G. E. Full Dr. Ronald Drysdale

Peter MacLeod Gordon Bennett Elva MacKay

Laura Crosby Thelma Teed Mabel Matheson

G. Keith Pickard Georgina Mayne Mary E. Gordon

Nancy Cox Sutherland Jock Sutherland F. Marie MacNeill

Joyce MacKie Ruth Robertson George Jenkins

James Montgomery Rhoda Brown Helen MacDonald

Wendy Horton Charlotte MacKean Audrey Whitehead

A.B. Fisher Margaret Peake Beatrice Reeves

Elvira Wheeler Florence Smith Sadie Ferguson

John WC Ferguson Ruby Matheson Mary Bovair

Alan Saint Verna Currie Mildred Brown

Henry MacWilliam Claudette MacMillan Eleanor Raynor

Blanche Darrach Dr. Lloyd Cox Lynne Taylor

Alexander J. Fraser

Special Gifts To Trinity - Clifton Pastoral Charge

Did you know that you can make a special gift to Trinity United Church and get a tax receipt and also save on Capital Gains Taxes? The following examples illustrate some of the ways this may be accomplished.

Life Insurance:

If you donate a permanent life insurance policy to Trinity United Church, and it becomes the owner and beneficiary of the policy, you will receive a tax receipt for the value of the sum of the cash surrender value plus any accumulated interest and dividends that are also donated.

If you continue to make the premium payments on the policy, these payments will also be considered charitable donations and will be available to you as a tax credit.

The important thing is that Trinity must become the owner of the policy. You will not get these tax benefits if you only make Trinity the beneficiary of the policy.


This does not apply to term policies.

Capital Gains Tax:

The present law provides that if you realize a Capital Gain on the sale of an asset such as shares

in a company, you must include 50% of the Capital Gain as Income and pay tax at your marginal tax rate. If however, you donate the assets of such, as shares, to Trinity United Church, you would have a deemed capital gains and would only have to include 25% of the capital gains as income instead of 50% if you sold the shares and kept the money for yourself. You would get a tax receipt for the value of the asset donated to the church.

Wills: You can also make a gift to Trinity United Church by means of your Will. Such a gift is called a bequest and only takes place after death.

You may leave a bequest outright to the church which means the congregation decides how the money is to be spent or you can leave the bequest in a manner that the principal sum remains invested and the congregation can only use the annual income (interest) earned on the bequest. You are free to designate how and for what purpose the bequest is to be used.

More detailed information may be obtained from an Estate Planner, a Lawyer, or a Tax Expert.

Clifton United Church

Services for Clifton United Church commenced for the 2014 season on Sunday, June 1, 2014 and continued until the Thanksgiving Service on October 12, 2014.

Services were conducted by Rev. John Moses and Rev. Greg Davis. Rev. Barbara Wagner was the guest speaker for the Smallwood Memorial Service on August 17. Rev. Ivan and Rev. Mrs. Norton conducted the service on August 31. Rev. Kevin MacKenzie conducted the Anniversary on September 21, 2014.

Organists for the season were So Hee Moon, Wilma MacLean, Coleen Mumford, Ellen Davis and Don Fraser led the music for the Methodist Musical evening and Anniversary Sunday. Our thanks also to Emily and Vans Bryant for their musical contribution throughout the summer.

Our annual Christmas Service was held on December 21, 2014. Rev. John conducted the service with readings by Annika Kelly, Heather Diamond, Dianne Burgoyne and Rev. Greg. Vans & Emily Bryant and their granddaughter Olivia MacLennan provided the music. Ellen Davis was on keyboard, accompanied by Roger Gordon on the trumpet. A get together was held after the service at the Cotton Center. A sing-song was led by Bill & Judy Irwin and Vans & Emily Bryant.

We shall see you all at Clifton United in June, 2015 - God willing.

Respectfully submitted,

E. Maurice Wood


Clifton United Church Financial Statement – December 31, 2014

Balance on hand December 31, 2013 $1888.20


Envelopes 8,186.00

Loose collection 1,469.65

Heritage Fund 6,170.00

Mission & Service 658.00

Heritage Grant 1,000.00

Cemetery 6,165.00




Trinity 2,520.00

Mission & Service 658.00

Insurance 453.00

Taxes 676.80

Organists 900.00

Guest Minister 125.00

Cemetery 6,165.00

Repairs 2,166.00

Miscellaneous 334.12

G.I.C. 8,000.92

Trinity Choir 100.00

Refugee Fund 250.00

Improvements 637.09

22,985.93 $22,985.93

Balance December 31, 2014 $ 2,550.92

Christmas Fair

Each year we are amazed by the spectacular, talented, people who donate their time and gifts to our Christmas Fair. When the sun came up on November 14th, and the door opened for 2 fun-filled days, we were ready for the merriment, or as we call it, the Trinity- Clifton Christmas Fair, to begin. This was the most successful Fair to date, not just because of the financial contributions but also because we had the largest number of volunteers, items to sell, and so many new faces to be seen, and that made it a Fair to remember.

There are many to thank and I know I will miss a few but here goes:

1) The amazing, incredible, and talented people who created, donated, worked, laughed and showed up to help in any way. 

2) The marvelous people who showed up to purchase our gifts, food, cookies, fudge, baking, jams and pickles and then stayed to have a delicious lunch.

3) The dedicated group that meet in the hot summer to make the jams, jellies and pickles, in the fall to make the puddings and , after the two days at Trinity, go to the Confederation Court Mall and make, bake, and sell more.

4) The Christmas Fair Committee, who meets on a regular basis and makes sure everyone is on the same page. This group worked with ideas, a “we will try anything attitude” and an enthusiasm that was truly amazing.

5) To our "remarkable Congregation", the comment I hear the most as I wander through the crowds at

the Fair.


This year we welcomed Debbie MacLeod as Co-Chair with Monica and me who was getting her feet wet and she will be my new Co-Chair for 2015.

To Monica who is leaving her Co-Chair position this year, I want to say in closing that we have had a marvelous few years as co-chairs. We have laughed, we have planned, and we have learned a lot about how to get things done. The most incredible thing we have learned is that many special people make up Trinity - Clifton and we are so proud to be part of the mission.

We are starting to prepare now, the dates have been booked,November 13 and 14, 2015. Lets start planning!

Our Blessing and Thanks,

Linda Dunning

Monica MacDonald

Debbie MacLeod

Memorials Committee

The Memorials Committee receives donations in memory of a person or persons who have passed away and to receive donations as a "living tribute" to a living person or to honour a special event.

The church council has designated a list of suggested projects to which a donation can be made such as the Benevolent Fund, the Restoration Fund, and the Mission and Service Fund.

If a donation is desired to be made to a project not designated by the Church Council, the Memorials Committee shall consider this alternate use of the donation.

The Memorial Committee plans to establish a memorial book in which the names of the donors, the person or event being honoured, and the project to which the donation is made, shall be recorded.

Respectfully submitted,

Ken MacDonald


Ministry & Personnel Committee

We are appreciative of the work of our clergy, Rev. Dr. John Moses and Rev. Greg Davis; our office administrator, Ellen Locke Doiron; our custodial staff, Lorraine Worth and Philip Whittaker; and our organist, Don Fraser.

The Ministry and Personnel Committee is a consultative and supportive group for ministry personnel, staff, and members of the congregation. The committee began a process of meeting with staff to review job descriptions and goals and to offer support. An annual review process was followed for ministry personnel with input from Council Committees. A process of review for other staff members was developed and will be completed in the first part of 2015.

The members of the M & P Committee for 2014 were Kerri Lynn Seward, Bob Ramsay, Joan Smith, Graham Linkletter, Valerie Downe, Mary Ann Burke Matheson and Susan Willis. Thanks to Graeme and Valerie for their valuable contribution to the work of the M & P Committee over the last few years. They are wished all the best in their work with other Council committees.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with and support staff at Trinity Clifton.

Respectfully submitted,

Ministry and Personnel Committee


Prince Edward Island Presbytery

This is our first year of a three-year term as representatives from Trinity - Clifton to Presbytery.

Presbytery members meet throughout the year, with the exception of the months of July and August. Committee meetings are held prior to the general meeting. Topics of past discussions and other information may be found on the website www.peipresbytery.net

Meetings are held at different charges throughout the Province.

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Cameron,

Bill and June Ives

Trinity Lobster Supper

June 4, 2014

Opening Balance                                                                            $219.03

RECEIPTS:                                                                                      14,490.00



          Lobster                            $5600.00

          Advertising                            47.33

          Containers & Groceries      877.99                                 6525.32



             Trinity Men 40%                  $3200.00

              Trinity UCW 60%                 $4800.00                         $8000.00

                 Bank Balance                                                                   $183.71

Respectfully Submitted,

Anne Love, Trinity United Church Women

Mark Richardson, Trinity Men's Association

Trinity - Clifton Men, 2014

Trinity - Clifton Men's Group has enjoyed another busy year in providing a number of valued services to our church community. We would welcome more men from the congregation becoming involved as the activities and needs are ongoing.

Activities for the year included:

1) Organization of supper club events and speakers. The partnership and support of the UCW units has been key and much appreciated in making this happen.

2) A number of fund-raising dinners initiated and/or supported by the Men's Group.

3) The Lobster Supper and the Pancake Breakfast were both major functions of the Men's Group involvement.

4) The Spring Plant Sale was a successful fund-raiser with special thanks to Ken MacDonald.

5) Co-ordination and support of the summer after-church refreshments, including the Strawberry Social.

Funds raised by our activities have allowed continued support of the taxi service for those in need of transportation to and from church. With an aging congregation this service is becoming more relevant


each year. Support of the taxi fund from any of the congregation would be welcomed.

Funds raised have also provided for support to the Prince Street School Breakfast Program, attendance at Camp Abegweit, the City's "Adopt A Corner" program (corner of Richmond & Prince), the Chancel Choir, and a contribution to the general operating fund of Trinity - Clifton.

Respectfully submitted,

John Enman


Annual Financial Report

As of December 31, 2014

Cash position – January 1, 2014 $2,858.29


Monthly Suppers $1,890.00

Valentine Dinner 1,565.95

Pancake Breakfast 1,201.00

Dinner Theatre 3,806.46

Lobster Supper 3,200.00

Plant Sale 1,425.45

Stew Dinner 1,390.00

Donations 520.00

Total $14,998.86


Monthly Suppers $1,525.00

Prince Street School

Breakfast Program 1,201.00

Camp Abegweit

Child Registration 681.50

Adopt a Corner 300.00

Strawberry Socials 129.86

Trinity United – choir 1,590.00

Trinity Taxi Service 1,605.49

Trinity United Church 8,912.00

Total $15,944.85

Cash position – December 31, 2014 $1,912.30

Respectfully submitted

Mark Richardson



United Church Women Report

I attended Presbyterial Annual and Executive Meetings during the year, and the Fall Workshop at Camp Abby, as well as the Church Council Monthly Meetings. We can look forward in 2015 to help supply cookies to the Cookie Cottage at Camp Berwick, NS, this summer. Details will be made available later in the New Year.

I would like to thank all UCW members for doing more than your fair share of the work, especially as the years pass, and it becomes more difficult for some of us to attend meetings, bake, and give time to various causes. However, we do have a substantial number of ladies who are stepping up to the plate and helping the UCW when time permits them to do so, and for that we are eternally grateful. I hope you will continue to do so, and someday take on some of the tasks we will eventually have to give up and maybe new and better ideas will be developed. In the meantime, let us all enjoy life as we see fit and continued prosperity to one and all in 2015.

This being my first report this time around, I would like to say a very big thank you to Ellen Locke Doiron, Rev. John Moses, Rev. Greg Davis, Don Fraser and Choir Members. Where would we be without you? To Lorraine and Phil for your continued hard work and dedication to Trinity, we give you our thanks. To the several families within our Church family that we know who are struggling with health problems, we offer our prayers to you, and also to those who are now looking on the brighter side of the world after many month of struggle and uncertainty. I know there are probably many more who are going through difficult times that we don't know about, but we are here to listen, offer prayers and help, if we can, in your time of need. May God be with us all.

Respectfully submitted,

Isabel Scott, President UCW


UCW Statement of Receipts & Disbursements

for Year Ending November 30, 2014


Envelope Givings $ 2489.40

Projects 1862.00

Lobster Supper Proceeds 4800.00

Bake Sale Proceeds 1017.00

General Meeting Offering 504.00

Interest: Thomson Estate 15.40

Trinity Trustees 859.22 874.62

Donations 1200.00

Mission and Service Coin Rolls 335.00

Coffee Donations 905.00

$ 13,987.02


Mission & Service Fund $ 5000.00

Camp Abegweit 1013.00

PEI Presbyterial UCW Dues 310.00

PEI Presbyterial Scholarship Fund 62.00

Food & Kitchen Supplies 6858.40

Bank Charges 63.92

Miscellaneous 2902.08

Trinity United Church (Dec, 2013) 5000.00

Prince St. School Breakfast Program 100.00

Donation 50.00


Disbursements over Receipts 7422.38

Cash in Bank November 30, 2014 $9,044.00

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Love, Treasurer

UCW Nominating Report 2015

Past President Miriam Lank

President Isabel Scott

Vice President Enid Carter

Secretary Myrna Kielly

Treasurer Anne Love


Faith in Action Wilma MacLean and Evelyn Jenkins


Environment Judy Irwin

Manse Ireta Thompson

Membership Elaine MacDonald 43

Archives/History Committee

Due to my heavy involvement in the planning activity involved in celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Trinity United Church and the meeting of the ‘founding fathers’ in Charlottetown, there was little time or energy to have meetings of the Archives/History Committee. We felt we were living history every day!! I discussed this with the past chair, Betty MacEachern, and she agreed with that decision.

We would like to build on the important work accomplished by the Archives/History Committee in the past. Part of this will be the inclusion of all the records and reports from the 2014 celebrations.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandrabelle MacEwen

Trinity - Clifton 150th Anniversary Planning Committee

Our celebration year was an amazing success. We began our planning in November of 2012 and continued throughout 2013 and 2014. Team members included Clara MacLeod, Linda Dunning, Rev. Dr John Moses, Rev Greg Davis, Anne Love-treasurer, Shirley MacDonald-secretary, with Judy Irwin and Sandrabelle MacEwen as co-chairs. We welcomed and received valuable suggestions and guidance from many resource persons. A sincere thank-you goes out to all.

The monthly activities were carefully planned with as much publicity accessed as possible, both free and purchased. As well as updating the congregation concerning the various events via the weekly bulletin, a running account was posted on the church’s website throughout the year.

A listing of all the events, the planning process, descriptions, and reports of the successes of the various activities is being prepared and will be placed in the Archives for anyone to access should they wish to do so. These will be available via a hard copy as well as on a USB stick for computer access. Photos taken throughout the year at the various events will also be made available on a USB stick and a DVD, also in the archives room. Also available will be a binder containing a variety of collages of many of the events as well as a scrapbook. An extensive report of the year of celebration will be posted on Trinity’s website when completed.

At the writing of this report, the many photos taken during the year are being carefully perused to select a collection to best depict a pictorial history of the year. This photocollage will be placed on the wall in the foyer in a large poster frame which presently is empty. This will serve as a reminder of the fun and fellowship that occurred throughout this special year.

As a congregation we did enjoy a variety of successful events, many being intergenerational, and we welcomed all who wished to join us. Although we consider each event to have been enjoyable and successful, we wish to mention five of the events briefly that were outstanding, in the opinion of the organizing committee and from reports from many attendees.

1. The first ever Levee at Trinity, marking the beginning of our historic year, captured the imagination of many and was open to all ages and stages. Upwards of 375 people attended this event.

2. Family Reunion Sunday on Mothers’ Day: Attempts were made to locate all those who were baptized and/or married at Trinity Clifton to be invited to join us. The lower level of the sanctuary was almost filled to its capacity of 800-900 people and there was much chatter as attendees reconnected.

3. The community Block Party: Trinity congregation attended worship at St. Paul’s Anglican Church and then both congregations enjoyed a barbecued meal at Trinity on the side lawn with our neighbours from far and near.

4. Choral Extravaganza: On October 19, on a Sunday evening, the choirs from Park Royal, Spring Park, Hillcrest, St. Andrews and Trinity United Churches gathered at Trinity to present a varied and uplifting programme of sacred music under the direction of Don Fraser with various accompanists from the represented churches. The lower level of the sanctuary was filled to capacity with the overflow being accommodated in the balcony.


5. Trinity’s 150th Anniversary Service on November 23: To the pulpit we welcomed Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey from Ottawa, a much sought-after and charismatic preacher and speaker. We also very much enjoyed a musical evening under his Leadership. Thanks to the Worship Committee for their assistance in organizing this.

In summary, the Committee felt that the past year was certainly successful and rewarding in many ways. For this to have been such a success, we required the assistance, participation, and attendance of many people in many and various ways. To all of you, we extend a huge thank you.

We have had a great year and lots of fun while making friends along the way.

Sandrabelle MacEwen and Judy Irwin, Co-Chairs


Ministers of Trinity-Clifton Pastoral Charge

Ministers of First MethodistMinisters of Trinity United Church

1807-1815 Rev. James Bulpitt 1925-1927 Rev. Wofford M. Ryan

1815-1817 Rev. John Hick 1925-1934 Rev. E.H. Ramsay

1817-1818 Rev. J.B. Strong *1927-1929 Rev. Hammond Johnson

1818-1819 Rev. William Fishpool *1929-1934 Rev. C.N. Brown

1819-1821 Rev. Robert Alder 1934-1943 Rev. Hugh Miller

1821-1823 Rev. Stephen Bamford *1934-1936 Rev. J.W. Barbour

1823-1826 Rev. William Burt *1936-1938 Rev. A.E. MacKenzie

1827-1829 Rev. Henry Pope *1938-1940 Rev. Lewis M. Murray

1828-1829 Rev. William Temple *1940-1942 Rev. Donald C. Boothroyd

1829-1830 Rev. Matthew Richey 1942-1944 Miss Marie MacDougall, Deaconess

1830-1831 Rev. William MacDonald 1943-1948 Rev. Thomas E. McLennan

1831-1833 Rev. Stephen Bamford *1945-1950 Rev. H.C. Rice

1833-1834 Rev. William Dawson 1948-1949 Rev. W.E. Dudley

1834-1836 Rev. J.P. Hetherington 1949-1952 Rev. H.E.D. Ashford

1836-1839 Rev. Richard Knight *1951-1953 Rev. J.T. Irwin

1833-1834 Rev. William Smith 1952-1961 Rev. A. Frank MacLean

1843-1846 Rev. J.B. Strong *1954-1958 Rev. G. Howard Christie

1846-1847 Rev. William Webb *1958-1962 Rev. R.S. Latimer

1847-1848 Rev. Charles DeWolfe *1960-1961 Rev. A.G.N. Ware

1848-1850 Rev. Edmond Botterell 1961-1967 Rev. J.G.E. Ball

1850-1852 Rev. Frederick Smallwood *1961-1964 Rev. C.C. Lewis

1852-1854 Rev. Ephraim Evan *1962-1967 Rev. G.G. Wyrwas

1854-1857 Rev. John McMurray *1967-1970 Rev. D.C. Powell

1857-1860 Rev. Ingram Sutcliffe 1967-1978 Rev. Donald I. MacIntosh

1860-1862 Rev. Henry Daniel *1970-1973 Rev. R.W. Porter

1862-1864 Rev. John Brewster *1973-1979 Rev. C. Murray Favier

1864-1867 Rev. Matthew Richey 1978-1986 Rev. Cyril H. Gough

1867-1870 Rev. Henry Pope, Jr. *1979-1982 Rev. Janet H. Travers

1870-1871 Rev. George S. Milligan *1982-1989 Rev. Doreen P. Wilson

1871-1873 Rev. James Taylor 1986-1997 Rev. David N. MacNaughton

1873-1876 Rev. D.D. Currie 1987-1988 Gail Hopkirk

1876-1879 Rev. John Lathern 1987-1988 Greg Davis

1879-1882 Rev. H.P. Cowoerthwaite *1988-1992 Rev. Gordon D. MacLean

1882-1885 Rev. John Burwash 1989-1996 Rev. S.P. Shields

1885-1888 Rev. Job Shenton *1992-1997 Rev. Brian D. MacDonald

1888-1891 Rev. John Read 1996-1997 Rev. Bryer R. Jones

1891-1894 Rev. W.W. Brewer 1997-1999 Rev. Norman MacDougall

1894-1899 Rev. George M. Campbell 1997-1999 Rev. Ranald Cameron

1899-1900 Rev. John J. Teasdale 1998-1999 Rev. James H. Bragan

1900-1904 Rev. George M. Young 1998-1999 Rev. Mary Webber-Cook

1904-1907 Rev. William Dobson 1999-2000 Rev. David Hann

1907-1911 Rev. Herbert E. Thomas 1999-2006 Rev. Robert Lockhart

1911-1914 Rev. Jacob Heaney 2000-2001 Rev. David Hamilton

1914-1915 Rev. John L. Dawson 2000-2007 Rev. Karen MacLeod-Wilkie

1915-1919 Rev. Robert Fulton 2006-2007 Rev. A.G.N. Ware

1918-1920 Rev. Ovid H. Peters 2007-2008 Rev. Ian MacLean

1919-1922 Rev. G.W.F. Glendenning 2007- Rev. Dr. John Moses

1922-1925 Rev. Woffard M. Ryan 2008- Rev. Greg Davis

* Associate Minister 46


Financial Statements

The complete financial statements prepared by BDO and included in the Annual Report are the

consolidated financial statements of Trinity United Church.


The following two pages are the non-consolidated statements of financial position of the Trinity

United Church Council and the Trinity United Church Board of Trustees. These are excerpts of

the complete non-consolidated financial statements. Full financial statements of the Council

and the Board of Trustees are available upon request.




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